address No. 5 Rock Close, Malali, Kaduna / Kaduna State
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Quality Of Education


At KAD ACADEMY, our purpose is to offer a safe, stimulating, enriching student-centered learning environment. We aim to provide a sound global education by following an international curriculum that incorporates our national content as well. We have high expectations for our students and teachers.

KAD ACADEMY is a progressive school. Our students are developing well, both academically and socially. Our school makes every effort to involve the Community, which helps to promote a positive relation between the students at both home and school. Our parents are kept abreast of every area of the education of their children.

Currently, our classes range from Pre-kindergarten and up to Year 8 (secondary two). The secondary classes will grow gradually to Year 11. In each grade level, we have two graduate teachers per classroom, in addition to subjects and specialist teachers. The maximum number of students allowed in each class is sixteen, up to Year 6 and twenty at the secondary level. In addition to the core curricular subjects we also offer the following specialist areas: French Language, Library, ICT, Physical education, Music, Art and Swimming. Each of our specialist classes are taught by teachers specializing in the particular subject.

KAD ACADEMY is located in an amply spaced campus in a quiet residential community. The school buildings are carefully located to provide ample playground at the centre. Our students come together for recreation on a lush, green, carpet like grassy playing area. AT KAD ACADEMY our favorite meeting place each day is the Gold fish pond.

Information Board
  • Resumption Date for 2019/2020 Session is September 11th, 2019
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